April Jones

April Jones is a loving wife and a mother of four who devotes her time to making the world around her a better place.  For over twenty years, she has been teaching in the classroom and has taught music for many years.  She has worked in public schools, charter schools, Christian schools and even homeschooled her own children both here and abroad. April enjoys writing and has been published in venues such as The View magazine of Georgetown Texas, The Santa Clara Weekly, eHow.com, Once Upon A Time magazine, Family Fun and more.  She loves to write on themes such as family, marriage, parenting, faith, literacy, education, healthy living, mentoring and music. April loves to spend time with her family and hang out with friends.  Experiences and memories are more important to her than things.  A smile comes easily to April, along with an optimistic outlook. Her hobbies include writing, reading, music, getting away, frozen desserts, garden veggies, healthy recipes, going to the movies, strengthening her faith, eating out, hanging out with friends and date night with her husband.

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