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He's Got It Covered

He's Got It Covered

by Robert Jones on September 12, 2018

My wife April and I have gone on 'date-night' every week without fail for nearly a decade and it has proven to be an incredible inspiration to our relationship! In 26 years of marriage we have gone on lots of dates, but we began our weekly routine while serving as missionaries to Spain. At first, we made a deal with each other that we would take turns picking the restaurant and whatever fun thing to do, like seeing a movie. Whenever it was my week, I was ready, with my favorite restaurant and of course some type of action movie.
When it was April's turn, more often than not, she began 'considering' what we should do as we pulled out of our driveway. Fifteen minutes after that it was usually customary that she would begin asking me for help in making a decision, and quite often she would say, "I don't care where we go, why don't you pick." So I would suggest a restaurant, and she would say, "Oh, I don't want to go there." I would offer another restaurant and she would answer, "No, let's not go there either." Several minutes later after all my ideas were summarily rejected I would say, "I thought you didn't care where we ate?" She would respond, "I don't! I just don't want to go to those places."
We both love to share that story and laugh at ourselves. I truly believe our words matter, and that what we say in faith is extremely important. But, I am not one of those who believe that we are cursed by every word we speak, but rather, that we serve a God who graciously lets us off the hook with some of the silly and perhaps even stupid things that come out of our mouths. Just like I shared in my date-night story, quite often we don't know what we want, and yet we are always praying and asking God to do this or that.
There's an old country song by Garth Brooks that says, 'Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers...' - and it's so true! God knows us better than we know ourselves, and I'm grateful God does what's best regardless of what we pray for!"
Again, let me reiterate that our words truly have an impact on our future and as the old saying goes we must... "Think, before we speak." But more importantly, I'm glad the scriptures tell us in Matthew 6:8, "...your Father knows what you need before you ask him."
It is such a relief that God is working on my behalf and doing what is best for me. His ability to provide for me is not dependent upon my prayers being a perfect set of instructions for Him to follow to the letter. If I accidentally leave out one of line items from my prayer list that morning, He's got it covered. If I forget to bind certain demons that could be oppressing me that day, He's got it covered. If I absent-mindedly neglect to pray over my meal and thank Him for my food, He's got it covered.
We don't have to walk around with paranoia, because we can rest in God's grace; that He loves us and knows exactly what his children need each and every day!

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