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Identifying Our Spiritual DNA

Identifying Our Spiritual DNA

by Robert Jones on June 29, 2018

Have you ever come across a cute family and said to one of the parents, “Oh!  Your child looks exactly like you!” only for them to respond by saying, “She’s adopted.”  I think this may be nearly as embarrassing as asking a woman when her baby is due to be born, only to be told that she is not pregnant!  I love it that my children look like me, and my wife and I often change our minds regarding which child takes after either side of our family.  Of course, if one of our kids misbehaves, I quickly declare that they take after my wife’s side of the family!!

It is incredible how much DNA technology has changed our world.  DNA was first isolated by Friedrich Miescher in 1869 and since that time it has revolutionized modern medicine, criminology and biology.  From a single strand of hair, or a portion of saliva evidence can be compiled that could possibly send someone to jail for the rest of their life.  I have personally enjoyed the results of my DNA being used in genealogy research, in which I have discovered my geographical origins and even been introduced to new family members whom I have never met but are now one of my long-lost cousins.

In my genealogy research I have also discovered the spiritual history of my ancestors and it is uncanny how many of them are similar to those of us in the family who are alive today.  I come from five generations of ministers dating back to the 1800’s, but even more important are the spiritual patterns of rebellion in some our family members, in which history seems to repeat itself.  I found this principle to true in churches as well. In the book of Daniel we see that there was a demon who was the Prince of Persia, and we also see in scripture that the Arch Angel Michael has been assigned as the protector of Israel.  To take this principle a step further I believe that there are spirits that are assigned to families, cities, regions and yes, even churches.

What is the spiritual DNA of MFA?  What are some of the spiritual struggles and successes that we have experienced since the church was founded over eighty years ago on April 19, 1938?  My hope and desire is to discover the wonderful strengths found within our Body and likewise use discernment regarding our weaknesses and seek God to help us go to another level of spiritual maturity and become more like Christ!  I will be preaching a new series entitled “Identifying Our Spiritual DNA” and I am very excited to see how God is going to transform our hearts and take McAllen First Assembly on a new spiritual adventure!

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