Element youth

Element Youth is not just a group of teens and preteens ages 12-18, that come from different areas around the Upper Rio Grande Valley, We are a group of history makers and world changers.
Element Youth meets together Sunday nights @ 6pm and Wednesday nights @ 7pm.
Element is a diverse group, but we unite together in our quest to learn the essential elements of living the Christian life.

A2J is what we're about

A2J is the motto of Element, which stands for "Addicted to Jesus". The first essential element to living out the Christian life, is a hunger for the presence of Christ. Element is about our addiction to JESUS CHRIST, the God Man, who gave His life so we might have life and not just any life, but ABUNDANT, OVERCOMING, AND EFFECTIVE LIFE.

Being A2J means that we are all about making Christ known to the world, and living the life of a disciple.

If you are interested in Element youth and want more information, come to one of our services, or Click more info