OUR Vision

MFA's vision can be explained by understanding three ongoing ministry goals that our church is striving to attain.
New Testament churches, especially Spirit filled ones, always have as a goal, the salvation of the lost. This is the primary goal of McAllen First.

Our church seeks to introduce Jesus Christ to everyone whom we have privilege to minister.
Whether it is a visitation ministry call, a fellowship activity, children's event, church meal, foreign missions trip, youth car wash, or any other church function, we never lose sight of winning souls. Training to become a personal soul winner is emphasized and encouraged.

Worshiping God is a natural response of those who have received the gift of Christ's love.
Our church's second goal is to afford every person who attends our services an opportunity to express their individual worship to Almighty God. Music, both contemporary and traditional, corporate times of prayer, anointing services for needs, preaching that is inspirational and informational, along with a reverence for the Holy Spirit's gifts and ministry in the church, provide a balanced and blessed worship experience.

Christ's command to His followers is to make disciples.
This is the third goal of our congregation. Discipleship means becoming like Jesus in word and deed. This goal is rooted in every age group ministry.
 Small groups that meet on Sundays and other times during the week emphasize the teachings of Jesus and how they are applicable to our everyday lives.
Pastoral teaching has as its goal the development of the believer. As the Christian embraces biblical truth, their lives are changed and they begin to take on the life of Christ. In turn, the body of Christ is built up and strengthened. If you're interested in learning more about our church and its ministries here in the McAllen area, you are invited to any of our services or you can call our offices to speak with a staff member.

We look forward to meeting you.